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Our Carpentry

At Homemaker Builder, we take immense pride in our workmanship, dedicated to delivering enduring, top-tier quality products built to stand the test of time.

What Sets us Apart?

1. Singapore Plywood Materials

*Ethically Sourced in Singapore

Our ethically sourced Plywood adheres to Singapore Standards for Low VOC emissions, ensuring a safe indoor environment for adults, young children and fur kids.

*Designed to thrive in Singapore Climate

Low-quality plywood in Singapore's hot and humid climate can lead to warping or bending due to the moisture in the air, causing structure instability. Additionally, low-quality plywood is more prone to mold and fungal growth which is not good for your health.

Our Carpentry features Premium Quality Plywood crafted to endure the daily use in Singapore's Climate, minimizing expansion and contraction, and preserve the integrity of your Carpentry over time.

2. Local Carpenter

*Quicker Response time and Support

Our Local Carpenters operate from their very own factory in Singapore. This allows Our Designers to provide hands-on supervision throughout the carpentry fabrication process and immediate solution to any potential issues.

*Understanding of Local Interior Design Needs

Our Local Carpenters are familiar with specific needs and preference of our Local Community. Working closely with Our Designers, they create the perfect carpentry by paying attention to every fine details to ensure exceptional results.

*Carpentry Quality Assurance

For over 20 years, Homemaker Builder built a strong partnership with our trusted Local Carpenters, ground in mutual trust, quality and consistency. 

To qualify as one of our esteemed Local Carpenters, we evaluate several criteria including ACRA registration, Factory conditions, Material sourcing and Workmanship quality. By prioritizing these criteria, we guarantee that only the most qualified Craftsman join our team, delivering the best carpentry for every interior design project.

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Elevating Quality, Elevating Value

3. Lower Carbon Footprint

*Reduce Distance Travelled, Quicker Turnaround Times

Local Carpenters in Singapore requires less transportation of materials and final products, leading to lower carbon emissions associated with transportation vehicles.

*Carpentry Waste Reduction

Integrating waste reduction into our design approach not only minimizes carbon emissions from waste disposal but also inspires creativity in crafting unique, eco-friendly solutions. 

4. 5 Years Warranty

*Crafting Product Confidence 

Homemaker Builder offers a generous 5-years Warranty on all our carpentry, ensuring Homeowners and Clients feel confident in the quality of our carpentry services and products. Our commitment to providing peace of mind reinforces trust in our brand's excellence.

*Comprehensive Carpentry Warranty Coverage

Our 5-years Warranty offers extensive coverage ranging from material defects to structural integrity. We are dedicated to resolving any concerns promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the entire warranty period.

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